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Cottage Style
Cottage Home on cottagehomeinteriordesigns.comSo many different ways to say comfortable! There is English Cottage Decorating, French Cottage Decorating, Family Cottage Decorating, Country Cabin Decor and the most recent style of cottage decorating is Shabby Chic Cottage Style!

Cottage Style Decorating is easily defined as a casual and relaxed style of decorating where you - and your guests - feel comfortable and at home.

What is a cottage home?
Country Cottage Decor Icon on cottagehomeinteriordesigns.comEven though the "real" definition of a cottage is a small one story house, a bungalow, in the country, a small vacation house, the definition within our lifestyles has changed over the years.

How cottages have changed.
Country Cottage Decor Icon on cottagehomeinteriordesigns.comMany are now living full-time in what was the family cottage or vacation home. Some are on lakes, rivers or are a cabin on the banks of a favorite trout fishing stream! Others enjoy ocean beach front cottages! An entire industry has emerged devoted to the atmosphere, sense and feeling of the cottage living lifestyle.

The new cottage lifestyle
Country Cottage Decor Icon on cottagehomeinteriordesigns.comRetiring baby boomers are beginning to enjoy the adjustment to a downsized lifestyle. Visit any major bookstore to discover books and magazines which are devoted to cottage home decor and an entire new culture of the cottage living lifestyle and cottage style decorating!

A simple but elegant personal look
Cottage Style Buttons Icon on Decorating cottage style makes it easy to create rooms of relaxed simplicity brimming with comfortable charm including the cottage bedroom. Add your own special flair every time you change pillows, create new slipcovers, add a stack of books on a new floral tablecloth. Paint the room and add new curtains and fluff up the pillows and plop down on the couch and curl up for a relaxing evening your way, in cottage style.

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Cottage Furniture and Cottage Home Decor

Cottage furniture makes it easy to live in a relaxed and comfortable home. And the best part for you is that your choices are endless as well as your sources for pieces to add to your cottage home decor.

When you choose cottage style decorating you can be as elegant, formal or as informal with your cottage furniture choices.

Sources for Cottage Furniture

In addition to online sources for new pieces of furniture which have been designed and made to fit any cottage home decor you will be able to find furniture and cottage style accent pieces from these sources:
  • furniture stores
  • local antique shops
  • flea markets
  • Goodwill stores
  • Salvation Army stores
  • stores which accept donations for fund raising
  • secondhand stores
  • garage sales
  • estate sales
  • magazines (check their sources page)

Cottage furniture pieces - wicker - wood - upholstered

Cottage Home Decor Wicker 5 Piece Set Look for pieces which give you a sense or feeling of light and breezy and informal. Try to avoid heavy looking pieces of furniture as they will weigh down to look of the room.

Cottage chic couches, sofas and loveseats
Perfect pieces to build any room around. Have one or many! What's great about overstuffed sofas is how comfortable they are and how relaxed you can be either sitting or laying down! Cover them with slipcovers and if inclined rotate your slipcovers for a different look for every season!pieces of furniture as they will weigh down to look of the room.pieces of furniture as they will weigh down to look of the room.

Accent Chairs - upholstered
Chairs can fill a room! And there are so many to choose from and they are versatile too!

Buy new or from consignment shops
Cottage Home Decor Wicker BenchYou can buy upholstered chairs new or find them in consignment shops and add slipcovers to make them look new. The size of your room and your family and entertainment needs will help you decide how many chairs you will need in each of your rooms.

Don't overlook chair and couch cushions if using wicker cottage furniture. Any place you can add a touch of color through the way you use fabrics will be one more element adding to your cottage style decorating.

Fabric is your best friend
Fabric is your best friend when it comes to your cottage home decor. Choose toile, floral, chintz or plain fabrics which fall within your color theme. Once you have your color theme it is easy to travel with fabric swatches when shopping for cottage style accessories and accents. White is a popular choice for sofa and chair slipcovers. Throw a few vintage floral patterned pillows and an antique quilt across the back of the furniture piece and you have a whole new look to you cottage home decor!

Cottage style accent chairs - wood and wicker
Cottage Home Decor Wicker BenchThink of the fun you can have choosing wood and wicker accent chairs to add to your cottage home decor. You can paint them, stain them, or upholster them! Add a cushion or two and set them in a corner with your favorite plant or antique doll or book collection you want to display in your home. Accent chairs are perfect for any room in your home and if you can avoid the temptation to use them as a place to toss your clothes at the end of the day, they are perfect pieces in any cottage bedroom.

Cottage style tables - side tables, coffee-tables, dining tables
Another advantage of cottage style decorating is you can use your existing pieces of furniture to fit into your new cottage home decor plan. You might want to repurpose these pieces so they fit within your overall cottage style decorating scheme.

Cottage Home Style Cherry Side Table If you decide to pick up a few new tables first be sure they are stable in good repair. Look for old tables which have great style. Some will have the original paint which will match your overall color theme. If not, it is easy to paint and give them an antique look when you get the pieces home.

If you don't have time to refinish a finely shaped antique table a great solution is to use a bright floral tablecloth to cover the pieces. You can also use layered sections of fabric to create another one of a kind cottage style look for your room.

Cottage accessories and accents seen from your perspective
You've heard the expression "It depends on how you look at it." haven't you? This is so true when you enter an antique store or a thrift shop looking for cottage style accessories and accents! One person might see an old rough looking nine panel door door as great way to display vintage linens and another person might see a white freshly painted nine panel wall mirror! See how easy it is to find new purposes for every day items in resale shops? An old mirror becomes a new picture frame, an old trunk becomes a coffee table, an old wash stand becomes a new hall table.

Look for old night stands, headboards, tables of all types and sizes, armoires, bookshelves, dressers, mirrors, picture frames, doors and door panels to name just a few items which can be transformed into perfect cottage furniture to round out your cottage home decor.

How a cottage bedroom can make your day

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Additional resources
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Techniques for Cottage Style Decorating using Cottage Color Palettes and Cottage Furniture Discover how easy it is to learn the secrets of interior decorating with access to information and step-by-step techniques and clear examples. This unique set of 4 interactive eBooks will change your cottage style home in ways you never imagined.

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"Where do I put the sofa?"
How It Looks Is How It Feels
Where Do I Put the Sofa Cottage Style Furniture ArrangingNo matter if your items are straight from the show room or comfortably broken in, where you place your cottage furniture will ultimately define the entire look and feel of cottage style decorating.

Your cottage style rooms will look and feel like a cottage home by just knowing where to place the cottage furniture you already own. "Where Do I Put The Sofa?", is a short compilation of steps that will guide you through a simple process to make every room in your cottage style home look and feel the most comfortable and relaxing for you, your family, and your guests.

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