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KitchenAid K45SS Classic 275-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer, White

Perfect for kitchens of all sizes, the classic series stand mixer delivers the power and durability to mix large batches. 8 cup flour power. Powerful 275-watt motor. Versatile 10 speed control. Durable, direct drive transmission. Multipurpose attachment hub wKitchenAid’s stand mixer is a substantial piece of equipment: 250 watts of mixing power make child’s play of creaming butter, kneading dough, and whipping cream. The kid in you will appreciate how quick and easy it is to mix up a batch of cookie dough; the 4-1/2-quart bowl can hold up to 8 cups of flour, which translates into as many as 192 sweet treats. This model comes with three attachments: a flat beater for making batter, meat loaf, and all textures in-between; a wire whip for egg whites, mayonnaise, and more air-infused creations; and a hook for mixing and kneading yeast doughs. All three are solid in construction and easily secured to the beater shaft with a simple twist; untwisting them is a bit trickier because the attachment stems are short and can be hard to grasp, especially if they get the least bit greasy. The bowl itself locks tight to the base. Standing 14 inches high, jutting out a foot, and weighing more than a grown woman’s bowling ball, this stand mixer isn’t the sort of appliance you’ll wipe down and put away. Better to find a square foot of free counter space for easy access; besides, this machine is as pretty as it is rugged–you’ll want to show it off. To complete the package, KitchenAid includes a spiral-bound guide with instructions, mixing tips, and 67 recipes, from crispy waffles to a caramel walnut banana torte. –Betsy Danheim

  • 275-watt, 10-speed mixer with tilt-up head
  • 4-1/2-quart bowl holds dough for 2 loaves of bread
  • Three handy accessories: flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook
  • Includes a guide with instructions, mixing tips, and 67 recipes
  • Measures 13-8/9 by 8-2/3 by 14 inches; 1-year warranty

Rating: (out of 307 reviews)

List Price: $ 269.99
Price: $ 182.00

KitchenAid K45SS Classic 275-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer, White Reviews

Review by R D:

Unlike many of the reviewers, I’ve only had this mixer for about a year, and it’s this specific model, the 250W 4.5 quart mixer (the bottom of the Kitchenaid line). It was a real splurge at the time we purchased it, but it has turned out to be well worth it.Before the Kitchenaid, I didn’t do much baking. I tend towards more “manly” cooking techniques: the hotter the fire, the spicier the recipe, the better as far as I’m concerned. But this machine is as satisfying to use as any power tool in the garage — there is something about using the *right* tool for the job, and I’ve found no tasks that one might consider using a mixer for that the Kitchenaid doesn’t excel at. But it’s especially good for baking, and once you start using it, you’ll have your oven running a lot more than you used to.The big difference between this mixer and the standard “two beater” models you may be familiar with is that it uses a single mixing attachment that rotates in two motions- it not only spins on its own axis, it also is rotated around the edge of the bowl. This does an extremely effective job of mixing ingredients without need for the bowl rotating, since the mixing motion covers the entire bowl. For most mixing jobs, it also requires no scraping of the sides with the spatula. IE: when it’s mixing, you can ignore it and work on other stuff.The first attachment I’ll mention is the dough hook, which is a godsend for kneading. In the last day, I’ve made pizza dough, bagels, and whole wheat bread. Although this is the least powerful machine Kitchenaid makes, it kneads stiff dough (like the aforementioned bagels made with high-gluten flour) that would turn your mother’s mixmaster into a smoking, stinking heap of fried motor components. Machine kneading takes a *lot* of the effort and variability out of making bread… you never “knead in” too much flour to keep it from sticking to your hands, and the 20 minutes you normally spend working the dough turns into 10 minutes you can use to clean up the kitchen.The other two attachments are the paddle and the whisk. The paddle is the all-purpose “workhorse” beater, and works extremely well for creaming sugar and butter together, mixing cookie dough or cake batter, or any other general-purpose mixing job. With the orbital motion, it comes right up to the edge of the bowl, so it is effectively scraping as it goes. The whisk is great for egg whites and making whipped cream. I’m sure it’s good for something else, but that’s what I’ve used it for.As for capacity, the 4.5 quart model is suitable for pretty much any “normal” home recipes. It’s a “standard mixer”. It will easily knead enough dough at once for two loaves of bread, or mix a double-batch of cookies.As for downsides: this thing is HEAVY. You won’t be moving it once it’s in place. If you knead very stiff dough, the bowl sometimes will get tightened to the extent that it is very difficult to remove from the base. It’s OK if you remember to leave it a little loose beforehand, but I always forget and I end up wrestling with the machine to twist it out. The metal trim band on the mixer right above the bowl has come a little loose on my model- the machine got a bit hot after some heavy kneading, and I think some adhesive got soft. It’s held in place well by something else, but sometimes it will slip when I’m wiping the machine off. It’s purely cosmetic from what I can tell, and it’s the only thing that feels cheap in any way about this machine. Other than that, I honestly haven’t had a single complaint.In summary: this is an expensive mixer, but it is very well worth it. Even novice cooks will find it’s use enjoyable, and it will inspire you to explore new things that you probably didn’t do before because of the time and effort involved.

Review by M. Baker:

A word of warning – the Kitchenaides made in the past 10 or so years have a less powerful and durable motor than the older ones. If you like making homemade bread (like I do) purchase a professional mixer to knead your dough (or do it by hand like I do now). Kitchenaides used on a regular basis to make homemade bread (especially using whole wheat flour) will destroy your motor. When you send the mixer in for repairs (under warranty) they will say you’ve been using it commercially and refuse to stand behind their warranty. If you tell them you use it to make bread they’ll tell you it’s not made for that (they can’t explain why they provide a dough hook though or neglect to provide any warnings against breadmaking in particular). I’ve always loved Kitchenaide appliances, my sisters is 15+ years old and going strong but my poor 4 year old mixer overheats and strains doing the same recipes. My next mixer will be a Magic Mill DLX Kitchen Machine, its twice as much, but will last like the old Kitchenaides do. I have to give 2 stars for the lousy warranty service and lack of honesty in their manuals.

Update: August 2004

Haven’t been using my KA for bread since (bought a breadmachine to mix my dough). Only using the KA for light use abut 4 times a month. Now it makes a grinding noise continuously while in use. Cookie doughs seems almost too hard for it too. My sisters is now over 20 years old and going strong (even with bread). I wish they made them like they used too……..

Buy KitchenAid K45SS Classic 275-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer, White now for only $ 182.00!

Sharp R-520LW Full Size Countertop Micro

The R520LW microwave oven includes nine convenient Smart & Easy® sensor settings and 1200 watts of cooking power. A 16-inch diameter turntable allows for large casserole dishes.

  • Sharp Micro R520LW

Rating: (out of 13 reviews)

List Price: $ 169.98
Price: $ 139.00

Sharp R-520LW Full Size Countertop Micro Reviews

Review by M. Gambello:

We have had microwave for over a month now. No problems yet. We use it on average 5-10 times a day, and it has been easy for everyone to learn how to use. The last one we had was also a Sharp that lasted a very long time.

Review by Lee R. Kunkel:

We received this product sooner than expected from Amazon, within 2 or 3 days of order. It heats more evenly and effectively than our previous microwave which was a Panasonic. We are especially pleased with the “sensor reheat” function which heats evenly to eating temperature and does not overheat food. At this writing we had only been using the product for one month, but so far we are completely satisfied.

Buy Sharp R-520LW Full Size Countertop Micro now for only $ 139.00!

Conair 250 Eco Ionic 1400 Watt Dryer, White

Conair cares about our consumers and the world in which we live. In a commitment to reducing carbon gas emissions, we’ve designed a dryer to help lighten our carbon footprint. The new EcoDry Styler is smaller in size and weight, is packaged in 100% post -consumer recyclable material and uses all soy based inks. It uses up to 64% less plastic and less packaging shipping and material efficiencies by up to 33%. The 1400w dryer uses 25% less energy while still providing the same efficiency as an 1875 watt dryer.

  • Dries as effectively as a 1875 watt dryer
  • Uses 25% less energy
  • Ionic Technology
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Eco friendly packaging

Rating: (out of 4 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.99
Price: $ 24.50

Conair 250 Eco Ionic 1400 Watt Dryer, White Reviews

Review by Beth Cholette:

There were several things that attracted me to this hair dryer. First, because of an electrical wiring quirk in our master bath, we can’t use a hair dryer that is any higher than 1600 watts. Unfortunately, 1600-watt dryers are getting harder and harder to find these days (most are 1875 or more), and even going that high is pushing the electrical load that our bathroom can take. Therefore, I was thrilled to find a hair dryer that is actually UNDER 1600 watts AND was being advertised as having just as much power as a dryer with a higher wattage. I was also attracted to the fact that this dryer is eco-friendly. Although I’m not always as “green” as I’d like to be, I do try to make an effort, and so I was pleased to see that this hair dryer is both made from 100% recyclable material PLUS uses less plastic and packaging–in addition to the energy-saving benefits. And of course, I just loved the look of it, with its cute green swirl (my favorite color–and my bathroom–both happen to be green!).

So, the big question–how does this hair dryer work? Well, when I first turned it on, I was literally blown away! Even on the low setting, this dryer has MUCH more air power than the previous hair dryer I was using, a 1600-watt Conair; in fact, I would say that it has more power than any hair dryer I have EVER used, which would include 1875-watt models. And obviously, on the high setting, the dryer is even more powerful, providing a VERY strong flow of air. What makes this hair dryer different, however, is the intensity of the heat. Even on high, this dryer does not produce nearly as much heat as I am used to from other hair dryers; I believe this is where the energy savings comes in. On the lower setting, I would describe the air flow as being “warm” at best, certainly not hot. However, I did notice that when I used the optional concentrator tool (which snaps snugly into the front of the dryer and removes easily), the air did FEEL hotter while on the lower setting.

Although I found that the lower heat levels of this hair dryer took a bit of getting used to, as this dryer works differently than any other dryer I have used in the past, ultimately, I did not find the reduced heat to be a problem for me (and I am sure that in addition to saving energy, the lower heat is also better for my hair!). The fact is that this hair dryer dries my hair, and it does so quickly and well. I generally have been using the dryer on the high setting for a very short period just to get the major wetness out of my hair; then I’ll switch to the low setting for the remainder of the time to finish and style. (There is also a “cool shot” button to help further set your style if needed.) Although this is a full-size hair dryer, I find it small enough to be left out on my bathroom counter; it’s also relatively lightweight and not too loud. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this dryer, although because some people might have issues with the lower heat, my final rating is 4 1/2 stars.

Review by Paige’s Mum:

I purchased this hair dryer for my soon to be 6 year old daughter, as I was tired of having to always get my hair dryer out. I wanted something that was not bulky, energy efficient and easy to use, as well as kind to her hair. We were very impressed… she liked the look of it and found it fun to use. I liked the settings in that her hair didn’t get too hot, yet it dried very quickly. My hair dryer is a Hot Tools 1875 Ionic and while I was always pleased with its performance, I have to say that my next hair dryer will be this one. The packaging was also great for the environment — just basic cardboard, product photo, hair dryer inside a plastic bag and the instruction booklet. Why can’t all products be packaged that way?

Buy Conair 250 Eco Ionic 1400 Watt Dryer, White now for only $ 24.50!

Braun 7030-283 Foil Frame, White

The Braun 7030-283 Foil Frame, White fits models 5319 5396 3370 3390 3470 3770 3790 3990

Price: $ 21.74

EasyEye Energy Saving Elongated Floor Lamp with Ionizer

Flicker-free, bright white light duplicates natural lighting, which contributes to an overall sense of health and well being. Soothing natural light minimizes glare and eyestrain and increases contrast and clarity. 27 watt energy efficiency light bulb is equivalent to an ordinary 150 watts bulb and lasts 5 times longer. Efficient compact fluorescent lamp is controlled by an IC chip originated from Japan, which produces a flicker-free frequency of 25,000Hz. Features an built-in Ionizer to purify the air.

  • Simulate natural lighting
  • Japan Made 27 watt bulb included
  • Bulb has an average life span of 10,000 hrs
  • Flexible goose neck
  • Built-in Ionizer

List Price: $ 124.99
Price: $ 64.20

Westinghouse WDD100 Ultrasonic Humidifier with Aromatherapy, 8-1/2-Ounce Tank

The Westinghouse WDD 100 Aroma Diffuser combines the functionality of hydration while delivering relaxing aromas to rooms of approximately 400 Sq. Ft. The multi-color lights change on a continual basis to enhance this unit’s unique design. Being such a space-efficient unit, the WDD 100 is perfect for an office or a bedroom. The WDD 100 can be set at interval or continuous programs which are perfect for any personality.

  • Combination aromatherapy diffuser and humidifier for rooms up to 400 square feet
  • Continuous and interval programming perfect for distributing the appropriate amount of aroma
  • Multi-color lights add to the calming effect
  • Runs for 24 hours per filling of 8-1/2-ounce tank
  • Sample Elixir included; 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

Rating: (out of 12 reviews)

List Price: $ 39.99
Price: $ 39.99

Westinghouse WDD100 Ultrasonic Humidifier with Aromatherapy, 8-1/2-Ounce Tank Reviews

Review by Blush:

This is one of the most stylish humidifiers out there and I got it mainly for its aesthetics. It is great for light humidifying for a small room and the aroma sample that comes in the package is pleasant smelling. The light transitions smoothly from color to color and is really pretty. Maybe it’s just me but it also makes a comforting butterfly-like pattern on the ceiling when the lights are off. I think it would be great in a child’s room as it can serve as a night light in a way!

Review by C. Price:

I have this unit located in my bedroom which replaced a Pearlessence diffuser. The unit is much quieter than the other, but I think as far as scent is concerned the Pearlessence worked a bit better. It does have some new features that I like more like the 30 second timer, water reservoir, and a on /off switch located on front of the unit. I have solved the scent problem by adding just a few more drops of oil.

Buy Westinghouse WDD100 Ultrasonic Humidifier with Aromatherapy, 8-1/2-Ounce Tank now for only $ 39.99!

Chicago White Sox Counter Top Fridge

Officially Licensed Counter High Compact Fridge is licensed by the NFL / MLB / NCAAFull Four Color Graphics cover the front and both sides and highlight the team’s logo, graphics and colors.Full color graphics with complete side and front

  • Refrigerator
  • 3 Cubic Ft. 120 volts/60 Hertz

List Price: $ 399.99
Price: $ 399.99

Cuisinart BFP-703 SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor, White

When space is at a premium, it’s a wise cook who makes his/her kitchen appliances do double duty, as is the case with this powerful machine from Cuisinart. It crushes ice, chops raw and cooked foods, including meats to any consistency, as well as blending drinks, soups and more. In this sleek Italian design the collar works with the motor base to provide power at the correct speed for slicing, shredding or chopping.Two powerful kitchen appliances have been brought together in this blender/food processor by Cuisinart. The heavy-duty motor base is up to both blending and processing tasks, and won’t “walk” on the counter, even when it’s crushing ice. Use the blender with its dripless pour spout to make and serve 40 ounces of frozen drinks or to purée baby foods or soups; use the processor to prep up to 3 cups of vegetables, cheeses, nuts, and meats. With one motor base, it’s simple to keep the blender out on the counter and then bring out the processor attachment for special tasks. This is an amazingly sturdy product, with tight fitting lids, a heavy glass blender jar, and a motor that chops meats or ice with equal aplomb. Most attachments go in the dishwasher, and the flat touch pad, which has seven settings, including “ice crush” and “pulse,” is easily wiped down with a sponge. This dual appliance comes with a booklet detailing how to use all the features, and 48 recipes, from cranberry-orange mimosas to classic mayonnaise. –Maria Dolan Editor’s Choice: Cuisinart’s SmartPower food processor is our choice for the best food processor under 0. This blender/food processor combines two kitchen appliances into one useful package. It is heavy-duty, can both blend and process most things, and sits on the counter without shaking around. The processor

  • 350-watt combination unit saves space and tackles wide range of cooking tasks
  • 3-cup food processor bowl, 40-ounce glass blender jar–great for parties
  • User-friendly, 7-speed touch pad control with indicator lights
  • Includes 1 standard blade and 1 slicing/shredding disc
  • Measures 16 by 6-1/2 by 6 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Rating: (out of 97 reviews)

List Price: $ 145.00
Price: $ 64.95

Cuisinart BFP-703 SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor, White Reviews

Review by Stephanie Dunham:

I was excited to get this Cuisinart a month or so ago because I love to cook, but I’m a college student who lives in an apartment. I don’t have tons of space (or money, for that matter) to blow on two appliances. I have done many things with the SmartPower Duet, and it hasn’t failed me yet. I’ve made deliciously smooth and thick shakes (including one with rum for a party – it was a hit.) I’ve made amazing salsa. I’ve made gazpacho. For some of these, I used the recipe book that comes with the machine. There are a lot of good recipes, indeed, but as an added bonus, the recipes give you helpful hints about how to use the appliance the best way – like, which ingredients to add first, instead of just shoving everything in.Just last night I made a pasta salad with about twenty ingredients, most of which had to be chopped or minced or sliced, so I used the food processor with the chopper to pulverize the garlic and other spices into a nice smooth blend (thus avoiding the dreaded clumps of pungent garlic). Then, I took the spices out and added red and green peppers and other vegetables and chopped them up coarsely, like salsa. Then I put the slicer attachment on to the food processor and sliced perfectly thin slices of cucumber and red onion. I added this to some pasta, provolone cheese, and some olive oil, and voila, I had a great pasta salad in less than half of the time it would have taken me to prepare all of those veggies by hand.I certainly haven’t had any complaints about the workmanship. I love how it feels so sturdy without being bulky – the base is a little wider than most and not flimsy like most other blenders I’ve used, and the thick, glass blender jar is squat instead of tall and thin, which seems to make blending things a lot easier because the ingredients can easily move around near the blade. The keypad controls are enclosed so it’s incredibly easy to clean up splatters and spills. The processor bowl doesn’t seem to be flimsy to me (perhaps they’ve fixed the problem ?). In other words, this thing is great.

Review by J. Daprato:

I have owned the duet for approximatley one year. I use the blender mostly for milkshakes. The food processor is small, which is ok with me, except I do not like the feed tube. With a processor this small, it’s unlikely one would use it to slice or shred, so why bother with the slicing disk and therefore the feed tube? Also, the feed tube makes it too tall to work with right under kitchen cabinets–you must pull it out to use. The motor is loud for both appliances. And the biggest problem is that mine broke this morning while I attempted to make a milkshake rendering both applicances unusable, since now the blade will not rotate. There is a small black plastic disk that fits between the base and the jar that has shattered all on its own. After reading your other reviews, I see I am not the first person to experience this. Buy this item with caution.

Buy Cuisinart BFP-703 SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor, White now for only $ 64.95!

Cuisinart CPT-120 Compact Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster, White

Two-slice toaster Nine-setting browning control Touchpad controls–cancel, defrost, bagel LED indicator lights

  • Compact 2-slice toaster with LED indicator lights and 9 browning levels
  • Touchpad controls offer cancel, reheat, defrost, and bagel settings
  • 1-1/2-inch-wide slots automatically adjust to accommodate bagels and muffins
  • High-rise carriage; slide-out crumb tray; convenient cord wrap; instruction book included
  • Measures approximately 10 by 5 by 6-1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Rating: (out of 260 reviews)

List Price: $ 60.00
Price: $ 27.95

Cuisinart CPT-120 Compact Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster, White Reviews

Review by Lou Ann Brown:

I bought this Cuisinart toaster about a month ago. Previously, I owned a cheap Toastmaster two slice toaster that I had since college. This toaster is compact but has everything you could need. It has slots wide enough for homemade bread and bagels, a reheat and defrost button and a cancel button. It is a very powerful toaster for sandwich bread. The first time I used it I was too excited to read the instructions first so I set the LED dial at 5 which was the level I used on my Toastmaster. That was a mistake because I burnt the toast crisp. This toaster I only have to set to a 2 to get my toast a nice brown shade. It really puts off the heat. I don’t eat bagels so I can’t say how it does on them. On Toaster Strudels it works well at a level 4 or 5 setting. I love this toaster and would buy it again!

Review by :

I bought the Cuisinart CP-120 toaster and I am more than happy with it. The toaster is of high quality and automatically adjusts to any thickness of bread that you place in it. Also, you will never have to reach down into the toaster to retrieve small pieces of bread because the platform that holds the bread can be brought all the way up to the top of the toaster. It toasts very evenly and the various settings like “Bagel” and “Defrost” are useful. These settings keep you from ever having to toast an item a 2nd time because it was not done. The outside of the toaster never gets hot, (only warm) so you won’t get burned. The toaster comes in White or Red.

Buy Cuisinart CPT-120 Compact Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster, White now for only $ 27.95!

KitchenAid KACC1WH Quilted Cover with Pocket, White

This heavy-weight, 100-percent cotton cover keeps all KitchenAid blenders and 9 and 11-cup food processors clean and dust-free. Adjustable straps on both sides help fit the cover securely over the appliance. Height 15-inch, Width 9-inch, Depth 9-inch when fully extended. Available in white, black and khaki, all with black trim.

  • Attractive cover protects appliances from dust, crumbs, and cooking spatters
  • Heavyweight, 100-percent cotton construction; quilted pattern with piped edges
  • 2 adjustable side straps ensure a secure fit; side pocket holds recipes or manuals
  • Fits all KitchenAid blenders and 9- or 11-cup food processors; machine-washable
  • Measures 9 by 9 by 15 inches fully extended

Rating: (out of 7 reviews)

List Price: $ 29.99
Price: $ 16.99

KitchenAid KACC1WH Quilted Cover with Pocket, White Reviews

Review by Amy Mcfarland:

I bought the white cover for my KitchenAid 11-cup food processor. It’s a nice, heavy-duty quilted fabric, and the colors look very sharp. It even has a handy side pocket for a manual or a favorite cookbook.

My only complaint is with the fit. It’s a one-size-fits-all kind of cover, so it can be used on blenders, food processors and even toasters. Even on the 11-cup food processor, I needed to use the pull tabs to tighten it several inches in, which gives it an odd appearances. Without the ties it was too baggy and kept falling off on one side.

It does the job of keeping my food processor dust- and scratch-free, but I wish it would have fit a bit better.

Review by P. Koryn:

I needed to match black covers for a KitchenAid stand mixer I already had and it was very difficult to find the matching blender cover in black. Amazon comes through again!! Cover is of good quality and has expandable sides so you could use it on the wider (deeper) food processors as well.

Buy KitchenAid KACC1WH Quilted Cover with Pocket, White now for only $ 16.99!

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