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Tuscan Elements (Decor Best-Sellers)

The Tuscan house, whether a simple homestead or expansive villa, has become one of the most sought-after living environments. Its design is virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages, when landowners in the golden hills of Tuscany built country retreats with gardens, porticoes, and loggias. The landowners often drew upon the natural resources of the region-and it is these materials that give the Tuscan house its unique character. Tuscan Elements brings to life the colors, textures, and aesthetics of the Tuscan house-the magnificent stone and marble work; the hardwoods like chestnut, oak, and elm; earthy terra-cotta and brick; and the all-important water feature, used in ponds, fountains, and pools. This unique, visual sourcebook deconstructs the typical Tuscan home and examines its basic components in dazzling detail, from the tiled roof and floor, thick stone exterior walls, and vine-covered loggia to the exposed wooden beams, luminous frescoes, and the sunny courtyard garden with an ancient well or exquisite swimming pool. Filled with extraordinary photos by world-famous interiors photographer Simon McBride, Tuscan Elements emphasizes living life well with a home that nurtures and comforts, accentuates the importance of family and friends, and entertains with good food and drink. For anyone interested in infusing their present home and garden with a little bit of Tuscany, here is a delightful source of never- ending inspiration.

Rating: (out of 8 reviews)

List Price: $ 35.00
Price: $ 9.87

Tuscan Elements (Decor Best-Sellers) Reviews

Review by :

I have not been able to put this book down since I received it. I have always dreamed of visiting Italy, but until that time comes, I have been redecorating my home to reflect that dream. I now have a “Tuscan kitchen” that makes me very happy to be in. I bought this book for new ideas,and also to confirm that the elements in my home already are the correct ones. I was thrilled to find these “Tuscan elements” such as pottery, stones, tiles discussed throughout. And the photographs inspire me to pay attention to details. It’s all about the textures of the walls, the colors, how you display your ceramics….the pictures are beautiful. I may not get to Italy any time soon, but this book helped bring my dream a little closer to home.

Review by Zecon:

I normally don’t buy tabletop table books because I don’t feel that they represent a value or add much to my understanding of a subject. Tabletop books full of incredible pictures just do not fully capture my imagination or attention. Consequently, most tabletop books get a cursory flipping through before I put them down.

However, `Tuscan Elements’ is more than a book of pretty pictures and it is worth more than just a cursory flipping through. The author, Alexandra Black, has organized her effort to capture the elements of Tuscany. The four elements are stone, wood, earth, and water. These four elements are expressed in the homes, furniture, terracotta, and ponds, respectively, of Tuscany. To stand alongside the pictures of these four elements, Ms. Black takes the time to build a supporting story from a historical and literary point of view. Quoting D.H. Lawrence and Pliny the Younger, the story of how these elements have been woven into the ebb and flow of Tuscan life since before the Roman Empire emerges with an impressive clarity and vividness.

As a lover of Tuscany I am drawn to images of Tuscany and its way of life. The seductive beauty of the Tuscan landscape and the romance of the Tuscan lifestyle as expressed in the prose and images of this tabletop book is the stuff of dreams. This tabletop book provided me the fodder for those dreams and never once disappointed me.

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Poppies Ii Italian Tuscan Decor Framed Art Picture

Artist: Steve Thoms Framed Print (Picture) Size: 14 x 14 inches Print Size: 12 x 12 inches Shown framed with: a WIDE BLACK frame

  • Framed Print (Picture) Size: 14 x 14 inches Print Size: 12 x 12 inches
  • Includes Framing Grade Glass, an Acid-free Card board backing, & a Hanger.
  • Frame has Hardware attached & arrives Ready to Hang out of the box.
  • All frames are made by a Trained Professional using State of the Art Framing equipment.
  • Frame is made from Solid Wood or heavy wood composite.

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

Price: $ 26.95

Poppies Ii Italian Tuscan Decor Framed Art Picture Reviews

Review by Carol H. Martin:

Poppies Field Tuscany Italian Framed Print Art Picture Beautifully framed print of poppies that literally “pop” out when you look at it. I only wish I had ordered a bigger size!

Review by Carol Godici:

I received my 2 Poppies italian Tuscan art pictures with a slight miss match corner on both but in contacting Tilliams the problem was immediately resolved. They FedEX me 2 perfect frames for my pictures which I received in 1 day via FedEx and I am enjoying these beautiful pictures and cannot wait to visit the Tuscan area myself one day.

Buy Poppies Ii Italian Tuscan Decor Framed Art Picture now for only $ 26.95!

Home Decorating On A Budget – Celebrity Style On A Normal Budget

See How Easy And Cheap It Is To Turn Your Ordinary House Into A Carbon Copy Of A Celebrity. Stop Spending All Of Your Money Trying To Make Your House Look Elegant. Learn To Decorate Like A Celebrity At Only A Fraction Of The Cost!

Dear Friend,

I opened up a magazine the other day and saw a picture of Faith Hill’s home. The photos were amazing! Her home was amazing! I found myself wondering how I could get the same look in my own home without having to shell out the money she probably did for her professional designer.

As I sat and looked around my pretty boring living room, I became envious of Mrs. McGraw’s floral couch, her cleverly placed centerpieces, and her tastefully arranged artwork. It made me sad that all I had was a few apples in a Tupperware bowl gracing my yard sale coffee table.

So I did what anyone would do – I went online and tried to find out how I could decorate just like the stars do. After checking out abut 10,000 Google matches, I gave up and had a sandwich instead.

Deciding to give it just one more try, I sat down again at my keyboard and asked the Internet how I could decorate like a celebrity. And then I found it! The answers I needed in one convenient place: “Home Decorating on a Budget ”.

I started seeing past just four walls and some beige carpet and began envisioning a living room like Madonna’s, a dining room like Martha Stewart’s, and a bedroom like Britney Spears! After I read this book, I knew I could have the same beautiful decorating style as those famous people and still do it without

List Price: $ 2.97

Villa Decor: Decidedly French and Italian Style

In her newest book, Villa Décor, Betty Lou Phillips discusses how to mix styles, furnishings, inspirations, and colors from different eras and locations to create the looks for which the French and Italian people are known-wisps of elegance, hints of regal color, textures that delight and inspire. Villa Décor illustrates the mastery of the fabled French way of melding the past with the present so each is seen in the best possible light, as well as the uncanny Italian knack of linking rooms effortlessly with patterns and palettes without detracting from the furnishings or objets d’art, capturing a trend in American decorating. Betty Lou Phillips demonstrates how to virtuously juxtapose various periods and styles in widely diverse, satisfying rooms that are never dull or predictable. Quiet French elegance, Italian romance, and the simplicity of sweet life-la dolce vita.

Rating: (out of 19 reviews)

List Price: $ 39.95
Price: $ 15.86

Villa Decor: Decidedly French and Italian Style Reviews

Review by :

I expected a book filled with photos of French and Italian villas – houses and estates outside cities, perhaps some at the seashore, for passing leisure time. Instead, it is a book filled with text on French and Italian style as applied to USA decorating. ALL the photos seem to be of American homes, most in Texas, some containing some pieces “found in a Paris flea market…” etc., and ALL done in beautiful taste and with very generous-(Texas oilman?)-sized budgets! Having said that, however, I assure you that the book is filled with excellent photos of absolutely beautiful kitchens, bedrooms, gardens, baths, living rooms, porches, filled with great fabrics, elaborate window treatments, chandeliers, sconces, wonderful wrought iron, porcelain, ceramics, woods, rugs, marble and all the things you either love or hate about French and/or Italian style. The text is also very helpful, although occasionally a little gushy, and I could have lived without the recital of so many details of European History. (Okay, I admit it, I’m an uncultured swine. So sue me.)
If you want a book of vacation villas on the shores and islands of the Mediterranean, this isn’t it; but if you want ideas for beautiful, comfortable homes for “gracious living” — then this book is a gold mine.

Review by Rebecca Johnson:

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you are looking for a rich European style to inspire you in your own decorating, “Villa Décor” is a warm and comforting experience.

Betty Lou Phillips demonstrates decorating secrets, like linking rooms with patterns and palettes with out detracting from the furnishings. Her work has appeared in Southern Accents, Traditional Home & Bath, Window and Wall, and Decorating as well as many magazine covers. She is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers and also has a penchant for quotes.

There are six main areas to explore:

Old World Elegance

New World Excellence

High-Minded French

Italian Panache

Points of View

Magnifique in America

The minute I opened this book, I was in love. The lush carpeting and tapestry pillows, the piano in a sunlit room with the sun casually falling on an eighteenth-century buffet a deux corps. It was a music room of dreams.

Not only do you enjoy the aesthetic elements, you actually learn the names of a variety of decorating techniques and Italian and French furniture names. You could also recreate a room by finding similar items. The bedroom on page 74 is to die for: Lavish comfort with sensuous linens and goose-down duvets, not to mention bed hangings (looks like a four poster bed).

My main thought while reading this book was “All these rooms look like good rooms to read in.” One picture does show a rather elegant two-story library with a spiral staircase and many of the rooms have fireplaces and cozy couches.

I’ve been dreaming of redecorating my bedroom and this book gave me quite a few dreams.

~The Rebecca Review

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Private Tuscany

Tuscany has long exerted a magnetic pull over visitors to this most romantic of Italy’s provinces. From Lord Byron and Henry James to contemporary writers, designers, and artists, everyone is charmed by the rolling Tuscan landscape, its magical light, its rich artistic and visual culture, and above all, its highly sensuous way of life.

Private Tuscany reveals the interior style of some of the area’s most charming homes–the pared-down beauty of a film director’s farmhouse retreat; the refined elegance of an aristocrat’s seventeenth-centry palazzo high in the hills; the Gothic mood of a winemaker’s medieval fortress; the modern chic of a designer’s country house; or the earthy character of an architect’s villa, drenched with color and light.

Whether it is the ancient terra-cotta floors, gardens fragrant with herbs, or candlelit dinners on outdoor terraces, the spirit of living in Tuscany is alive in these pages in brilliant color.
Tuscany’s hill towns and countryside have enthralled inhabitants and visitors for centuries–the golden light in the afternoons, the grape arbors, and the rolling hillsides dotted with rustic farmhouses and villas. Private Tuscany invites us into these dwellings, giving us a glimpse of how life is lived in this warm, inviting place. The homes featured in this gorgeous volume are as enchanting as the Tuscan towns and hillsides they’re built on. Many embody a style we’ve come to associate with Tuscany: dark-timbered kitchens with dried herbs and garlic ropes hung from the rafters, original terra-cotta tile floors, large-windowed living rooms, and artfully frescoed walls. There are centuries-old furnishings crafted by skilled Italian artisans and elegantly manicured gardens containing hidden grottos and classical statuary. But the homes also reflect the special touches of the people who occupy them. For instance, a theater lover

  • ISBN13: 9780847821785
  • Condition: USED – GOOD
  • Notes:

Rating: (out of 9 reviews)

List Price: $ 50.00
Price: $ 29.98

Private Tuscany Reviews

Review by :

A beautiful book — I enjoyed it much more than Tuscany Interiors which I also own. The houses range from simple to elaborate and — of course! — the landscapes and gardens are gorgeous. This is a great book from which to “lift” Italian decorating ideas.

Review by :

This book was so lovely. It contains exquisite photos and many, many ideas applicable for my own home. Great decorating ideas. I’ve shared this book with other people who have been equally inspired by the warm, gracious, elegant living portrayed throughout. Highly recommend this book for yourself or gift. A lovely way to remember past visits to Italy or inspire a personal visit in the not too distant future.

Buy Private Tuscany now for only $ 29.98!

Wheat Large 3 pc. Ceramic Kitchen Canister Set by Drake Design

Drake Design creators of beautiful quality ceramics, cast iron and hand-crafted resin home decor accents and gifts offers this beautifully crafted and ornate large canister set. Each canister is constructed of sculpted ceramic, hand-dipped in a creamy wheat-color glaze, highlighting the unique raised scroll-work detail atop the canister and the rim of the canister lid. Each canister is embellished with an ornate finial that matches the decorative footed pedestal. The pedestals and finials are a heavy poly-resin, molded and finished to give the appearance of cast iron, however without the maintenance or weight of cast iron. Hand-washing is recommended. Tuscan style design. Crafted in Italy. Canisters measures approximately: Large: 8″ x 8″ x 13.5″H Medium: 7″ x 7″ x 12″H Small: 6″ x 6″ x 10″H

  • Constructed of sculpted ceramic.
  • Raised scroll-work detail atop the canister and the rim of the canister lid
  • Pedestals and finials are a heavy poly-resin, molded and finished with the appearance of cast iron

Price: $ 169.99

Tuscan Living (Mini Lifestyle Library series)

This photo-laden tome invites us inside homes as enchanting as the Tuscan towns and hillsides on which they are built.The design of the Tuscan house has remained virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages, when landowners built country retreats drawing on the natural resources of the region. Indeed, it is these materials that give the Tuscan house its unique character: stone and marble; hard woods, like chestnut, oak, and elm; terracotta and brick; and water, used in ponds, fountains, and pools. These elements are captured here in exquisite detail: thick stone interior walls; terracotta-tiled roofs and floors; sienna-hued stucco finishes and luminous frescoes; exposed wood beams and scrubbed oak dining tables; and sunny courtyard gardens with the all-important water feature, whether an ancient well or an exquisite pool. In this glorious collection of color images, Simon McBride artfully evokes the magic and pleasures of Tuscan living. Simon McBride has been photographing interiors and gardens for over two decades, working regularly for HOUSE & GARDEN and ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST.

List Price: $ 16.95
Price: $ 9.54

Your Home A Living Canvas: Create Stunning Faux Finishes & Murals with Paint

Uncover the glory in your home! Use paint to create inspired living spaces that reflect your style and your home’s character. Once upon a time, there was a sad little Victorian house on the corner, abandoned by its previous owners and abused by time. Your Home, A Living Canvas is the Cinderella story of that house and its transformation into a charming, historic home, thanks to the loving care of acclaimed decorative artisan, Curtis L. Heuser. From the grand staircase to the cozy third-floor master suite, this book takes you along on the complete floor-to-ceiling, room-by-room makeover. You’ll learn about the design concepts and inspirations for each space, along with real-world how-to’s behind the wall treatments, ceiling features, architectural highlights, and other exquisite details. A series of 25+ step-by-step demonstrations show how Heuser used murals, trompe l’oeil and faux finishes to blend old with new, reclaiming the spirit of the house’s former glory, while incorporating unique personal touches. Covers a range of decorative styles, from the exotic crackle-finish bookcases in the study, to the Italian country villa-inspired kitchen, to a sophisticated dining room that embodies the Old World ambiance of classic European interiors. Offers a wealth of expert decorating advice on using color to evoke mood, displaying your collections, mixing and matching eclectic furnishings, and more. Whether you’re interested in a simple faux finish technique or are dedicated to preserving the architecture and charm of your own historic dwelling, this book will help you

Rating: (out of 40 reviews)

List Price: $ 29.99
Price: $ 8.39

Your Home A Living Canvas: Create Stunning Faux Finishes & Murals with Paint Reviews

Review by Regina Garay:

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best faux books to come out in a while. The colors are rich, photographs are plenty (great before, during and after shots), the directions easy to understand and follow and finally, the finishes shown can give anyone — from the novice to the professional — new ideas from which to choose from. Being in this profession for 10 years, I like books that offer something new to learn. I must kindly disagree with the negative review given — I found the title was exactly on point and I found that the use of plaster for the mural and design elements was imaginative since it made the designs “pop” out even more. The mix of murals and faux made this book more versatile and interesting…something every living canvas should be.

Review by Captain Fig:

“Awesome” has become a word so inappropriately and over used in contemporary language that I hesitate to include it in this review, but applied in its truest form is the only word that does justice to this book.

This work is an extraordinary journey in artistic expression and delight that includes a gift to the reader that, although promised by the introduction, delivers in greater abundance than I would ever have believed. While basking in the grandeur of seeing what a gifted artist has achieved in transforming a wreck into a palace, it suddenly becomes apparent that regardless of imagination or individual talent, much of what is showcased is achievable by anyone with even the most modest of abilities!

Don’t know where to find your inspiration? Curt shows you where he found his – a beloved knick-knack, an interesting antique store item, a pleasing fabric pattern – you name it, he reveals that inspiration is a natural inclination easily found within the simplest of everyday items.

Don’t know how to employ your source of inspiration? Curt shows you a myriad of ways to do just that.

Afraid you don’t have the knowledge or talent to tackle faux finishing? I thought so too until seeing how easy it was to follow the simple step-by-step directions. This book inspired me to try my first faux finishing project with results that far exceeded anything I would have thought possible, particularly since it was my first attempt. People can’t believe that what I accomplished wasn’t done by a professional.

At a loss in selecting a color palette? (My nemesis!) Curt hands you many on a silver platter! I’ve always found picking colors that work together the hardest part of decorating. With more than two dozen examples, just find one you like and Curt gives you the exact palette down to the specific paint name that you just take to the store! It doesn’t get easier than that!

I originally purchased this book because of my interest in renovation, remodeling and design, and love of art in general. I’ve always enjoyed improving the various homes I’ve owned and love seeing how others transform stones into gems. While I have painted many a wall and baseboard in my life, decorative painting was something I thought I would never attempt or be able to achieve. How wrong I was and thanks to Curt I know now that magnificence is within my reach. I can’t wait to attempt my first mural!

Buy Your Home A Living Canvas: Create Stunning Faux Finishes & Murals with Paint now for only $ 8.39!

Bringing Tuscany Home: Sensuous Style From the Heart of Italy

I always imagine each of the signoras who lived in this house—where she shelled peas, rocked the grandchild, placed a vase of the pink roses. Now I would like to take one of these women back to my house in California to show her how Bramasole traveled to America and took root, how the doors there are open to the breeze from San Pablo bay and to the distant view of Mount Tamalpais, how the table has expanded and the garden has burgeoned…

The “bard of Tuscany” (New York Times) now offers a lavishly illustrated book for everyone who dreams of integrating the Tuscan lifestyle—from home decoration and cooking, to eating and drinking, to gardening, socializing, and celebrating—into their own lives.

When Frances Mayes fell in love with Tuscany and Bramasole, millions of readers basked in the experience through her three bestselling memoirs. Now Frances and her husband, In Tuscany coauthor Edward, share the essence of Tuscan life as they have lived it, with specific ideas and inspiration for readers stateside to bring the beauty and spirit of Tuscany into their own home decor, meals, gardens, entertaining and, most important, outlook on life. In her inimitable warm and evocative tone, Frances helps readers develop an eye for authentic Tuscan style, with advice on how to:

• Choose a Tuscan color palette for the home, from earthy apricot tones to invigorating shades of antique blue.

• Personalize a room with fanciful door frames, unique painted furniture, and fresco murals.

• Cultivate a Tuscan garden, adding fountains, vine-covered pergolas, and terra-cotta urns among the herbs and flowers

• Select the best Italian vino. (Frances describes lunches at regional vineyards and imparts tips for pairing food and wine.)

• Create an atmosphere of irresistible, anytime hospitality—a casa aperta (open home).

• Make primo finds at local antiques markets. (And

  • ISBN13: 9780767917469
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 22 reviews)

List Price: $ 29.95
Price: $ 7.90

Bringing Tuscany Home: Sensuous Style From the Heart of Italy Reviews

Review by puppy’s gal:

I was so excited when I ordered this book and so let down after getting it and looking it over. The cover is VERY deceptive. This is NOT a style/decorating book. This is the story of a couple renovating a wonderful old home in Tuscany. It is well written and at times charming and warm. It is also often quite boring reading about what stone to pick for the house and who they visited and what wine they drank. It almost seems as if the author were forcing another book out for publication!! There are VERY FEW photos…barely any really in the book. The photos present are of wine, friends, a few of the house and a few of home decor/furniture layout, and food. The photos are very striking and pretty….if you enjoy seeing their friends and not really getting any basic decorating ideas. There are about 30 recipes and photos of the food, as I said above. Some recipes are nice but I really didn’t see anything new and inspiring. A good Italian cookbook would be a better investment. As for the cover….it is very deceptive to say the least since it focuses on a very pretty vignette: furniture, art, pottery and style of arrangement. This is most definitely NOT what this book is about. In fact: I found the cover to be the best part of the book. I decided to return it and look for a better book really focusing on design. The author clearly loves Tuscany and if you want a nicely written and warm hearted book to read about hers and her husband’s story of renovation, friends and their love of food, wine and Tuscany then you will like this book. It is not a picture book at all but rather a reading book with a story that seems rather forced and often VERY VERY boring and drawn out for the purpose of publication.

Review by N. Fairbairn:

very disappointing publication-suggest you save your money and check it out of the library before making a decision-the front cover was deceptive in its allure to those looking for a creative nudge in decorating tuscany style. but the most chilling part of this book,for me, was a revealing paragraph at the top of page 106 ‘quote’ Given that the farmers probably will not be returning.I begin to plot new purposes for the hundreds of borghi in the italian hills: music camps,artists’ colonies,hospices, religious retreat centers. After all,easily taking the past into the future is part or the italian genius for living.’unquote’… well, there goes he neighborhood! i’m just thankful i got to see Tuscany before the Mayes’ makeover of the whole region –some people just can’t leave rustic charm alone!!…norma

Buy Bringing Tuscany Home: Sensuous Style From the Heart of Italy now for only $ 7.90!

Country Houses of Tuscany

Another book on Tuscany? Is it still possible to discover something new there? Barbara and Rene Stoeltie prove that it is. They have found the most beautiful country houses in the remote towns of Chiusi and Montalcino and in the Chianti and the wild Maremma region. These romantic farmhouses and isolated villas have been photographed exclusively by Rent Stoeltie for the third volume in the successful “Country Homes” series. Rene is a master at capturing the soft light of Tuscany which, once seen, is never forgotten. It Floods the interiors and paints cryptic messages on the uneven terracotta floor tiles. In a corner, bathed in the famous “sfumato,” a timeless still life consisting of a picture of the Virgin and a kitschy infant Jesus. Barbara Stoeltie writes consummately on the landscape and its inhabitants, on the hermitage in a hidden river valley near Arezzo, the “fattoria” with its award-winning wine, the palazzo in the moon-like landscape of Siennese Crete and the Renaissance villa near Sienna, formerly the country home of the Chigi family. She also managed to entice from the owners of these houses their favourite recipes for classic Tuscan dishes such as “fagioli” or “ribollita,” wholesome food that is quick and easy to prepare. A tempting invitation to rediscover Tuscany!

Rating: (out of 4 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.99
Price: $ 10.90

Country Houses of Tuscany Reviews

Review by Cyndi Bonetti:

Looking for ideas to inspire building a Tuscan farmhouse, then this is it. It does lack in exterior shots, but the interior shots are wonderful. Whether you use this for inspiration or not, it will add to anyone’s collection.

Review by Britt Arnhild Lindland:

If you are in love with Italy and like to look through interior books, this one is truly a winner. You needn’t even be in love with Italy to see that.Barbara and René Stoeltie has made a piece of art taking us on a tour through country houses in Tuscany, from the old fashioned homes to the more modern, they all have the typical Tuscan touch which I love so much. You can almost feel the taste of olive oil, and the small of lavendel when you look through the pages.The text is written in English, German and French, so there should be no problem reading the informative writing.A perfect coffee table book for all Italian lovers.

Buy Country Houses of Tuscany now for only $ 10.90!

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