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Southern Style

Graciousness is a quality that has a special resonance in the South. Whether in charming interiors, architectural style, or hospitable entertaining, the distinct aesthetics and traditions of this region have affected the entire country for more than two centuries. SOUTHERN STYLE presents a relaxed approach to living that is as warm as the climate and suggests ways to bring the South’s flair for comfort and elegance into your home. In this lavishly illustrated book, the editors of Southern Accents showcase the living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms that have appeared in the magazine, revealing some of the best examples of design today. A chapter on accessories shows how to incorporate individual touches that say “welcome” in a way that only the South can. In addition to interiors, the editors consider the architecture of the South, particularly how its stately style has evolved for modern living. The lush Southern landscape provides ideas for “bringing the outdoors in” as well as creating elegant gardens in the region’s diverse climates. Finally, there is a useful listing of shops and resources to help you find all the things you need to create your own Southern style.The American South has long been renowned for its hospitality and gracious living, and these qualities are reflected in the region’s distinct interior design. Southern Style captures this easygoing yet stylish feel of Southern homes designed to provide comfort the family as well as entertain guests. Author Mark Mayfield and the editors of Southern Accents magazine have a firm grasp of the essence of Southern style and provide guidance on working the style into your own home; gorgeous full-color photographs provide the visual inspiration. The authors point out that one of the most obvious

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Rating: (out of 5 reviews)

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Southern Style Reviews

Review by :

I have been an avid reader of Southern Accents for years. I found their book to be well written and filled with the beautiful photography I’ve come to expect from the magazine. Chapters are broken out room-by-room, making it an easy reference guide. The book is one that you’ll not only keep out on the coffee table, but also will refer to often for great decorating ideas.

Review by David Feld:

I found Southern Style a great compedium of how design in the South has evolved. As an editor at a competing magazine, I wish more publications would give us a backward glance at their previously featured work. This book shows not only where southern design has been, but the way past photography and styling techniques have changed. I wish more magazines would publish such a compendium. It would save us all a lot of space with hoarding decorating magazines. Oh admit it,we all do it. Also great text, with deep insight into it’s subject matter.

Buy Southern Style now for only $ 6.71!

Belle Decor

Haskell Harris is the Associate Editor of Garden & Gun. She covers all things style for the magazine, including pieces on architecture, interior design, fashion, shopping, and collections. Previously, she was Special Projects Editor and Assistant Homes Editor at Cottage Living magazine. Currently, she lives in downtown Charleston, SC in a circa 1796 single house that might or might not be haunted. If she could paint the world a color, that color would be Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray. Other loves: Verellen sofas, anything designed by Steven Gambrel, farmhouses, linen, Pineider stationery, and clementines.Kindle blogs are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you’re not wirelessly connected. And unlike RSS readers which often only provide headlines, blogs on Kindle give you full text content and images, and are updated wirelessly throughout the day.

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Price: $ 1.99

Southern Rooms II: The Timeless Beauty of the American South

The South has a palpable charm and a lively sense of identity. A mix of innovative trends and an enduring respect for tradition combined with a sense of personal style characterize the imaginative and lush interiors featured in this new volume. Though defined by geography, interior design in the South not only draws on diverse international influences, but in turn, re-imagines the boundaries and creates design trends that are echoed all over the United States and the world. This book highlights the vision, inspiration, and personal style of more than 30 well-known Southern designers, and offers practical tips and ideas that readers might use in their own homes. It also features: – Dozens of gorgeous photos covering five distinct styles – traditional, casual, eclectic, rustic, and modern – Profiles of interior designers, with quotes, tips, and information on how to get the look – Insights on the history of Southern architecture – Engaging stories, amusing anecdotes, and helpful shopping guides

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.99
Price: $ 6.97

Southern Rooms II: The Timeless Beauty of the American South Reviews

Buy Southern Rooms II: The Timeless Beauty of the American South now for only $ 6.97!

The Southern Cosmopolitan: Sophisticated Southern Style

The Southern Cosmopolitan looks at the tradition of style shaping the South’s architecture and interior design. A selection of luxurious houses from Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, Atlanta, Natchez, Georgetown, and Alexandria celebrates the sophisticated side of southern style with a mix of modern art, antiques, and exotic textiles. Featured in tantalizing color photographs are select residences decorated by leading southern tastemakers, including Thomas Jayne, Amelia Handegan, Nancy Braithewaite, and Hal Williamson.An immaculately restored mansion in Natchez and a collector’s treasure trove in Alexandria reveal the South’s love affair with historic European and American architecture, art, and antiques. A classic re-do of a Colonial Revival home in Georgetown and a modern Atlanta condominium decorated with French antiques and contemporary art showcase the southern blend of old and new. A Greek Revival house filled with exotic textiles in Charleston and an Italianate townhouse in Savannah display the South’s fascination with foreign and exotic decorative objects. A perfect summary of southern taste for those charmed by both the grandeur and intimate details that make these homes so hospitable.

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 50.00
Price: $ 29.92

The Southern Cosmopolitan: Sophisticated Southern Style Reviews

Review by Mad4roses:

I purchased this book to learn more about the home featured on the cover. This home was originally featured in a House Beautiful magazine, last year, and has been my design inspiration. I love a casually elegant home that isn’t too overly studied, and the cover home is just that. The rest of the homes in the book aren’t. But, I’m sure there’s something in this book for anyone loving great design.

Review by Nanci Ryder:

so many interior design books on the market….but this one is truly special!!!!!….very inspiring, each beautiful page makes me want to redecorate my entire house….and isn’t that what these books are for?

Buy The Southern Cosmopolitan: Sophisticated Southern Style now for only $ 29.92!

The Ultimate Southern Living Christmas Book: Over 400 Ways to Celebrate the Season – Southern Living Style

For the first time, Southern Living has collected in one volume all the inspiration, advice and instruction you need for the best of Christmas decorating, entertaining, and gift giving. Building on 30 years of Southern Living Christmas creativity, you’ll find glimmering table settings, beautiful room decorations, charming gifts, and the most filling and fulfilling Christmas meals ever. Southern Living ‘s signature approach supplies readers with no-fail instructions, tips, and illustrations that, working together, create a Christmas season beyond compare. Whether a guide or a gift, The Ultimate Southern Living Christmas Book is one book that will keep on giving Christmas after Christmas.

Rating: (out of 4 reviews)

List Price: $ 31.95
Price: $ 25.05

The Ultimate Southern Living Christmas Book: Over 400 Ways to Celebrate the Season – Southern Living Style Reviews

Review by carolyn:

Well, it finally was released. I was so excited to see that this book was on the way and I certainly haven’t been disappointed. I just love all the decorating ideas in this book – my husband grabbed it and off he went to the store to buy the stuff it recommends. Sure was beautiful when he was done. This book makes decorating elegantly so very beautiful for the holidays, and it just gives you so many nice ideas. But, the RECIPES! Yikes! Better buy those elastic waisted pants because you’ll need them after these awesome dishes. You know it’s bad when you want to start with the first recipe and just make everything else afterwards. That’s how it is with this book. It’s really that good! You won’t be disappointed with this book. I just love it!

Review by Bibliophile:

This is a beautiful book with lots of decorating ideas and recipes. It will inspire you to get ready for Christmas.

Buy The Ultimate Southern Living Christmas Book: Over 400 Ways to Celebrate the Season – Southern Living Style now for only $ 25.05!

Casa – Southern Spanish Style (Library of Interior Detail) (Spanish Edition)

This is one of a series of small books, each of which looks at a different national style of interior decoration. Rugs, embroidery, paint and plaster, sparkling glass and china, patterns and colours – on walls and floors, in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens – give an intimate view. “Casa: Southern Spanish Style” is the fourth book in the series. Colours and textures, objects and furniture, architectural elements and the quality of light and landscape are all explored. An essay introduces the book and captions accompany photographs.

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: $ 30.80

Casa – Southern Spanish Style (Library of Interior Detail) (Spanish Edition) Reviews

Review by Manola Sommerfeld:

I have to agree with the previous comment, and i gave the book one more star because fortunately i found the book heavily discounted and did not have to pay the inflated list price. The photos are nice, but this doesn’t even qualify as a coffee table book (it’s too small). The author seemingly hanged out in Southern Spain visiting her bohemian friends and acquaintances and taking many pretty photos. The commentary is quite lame, and the author has a slight pontificating tone when detailing the Spanish decorating styles. I think it was George Bernard Shaw who said that generalization is the prerogative of the weak of mind, or something to that effect. The author falls under that category when stating that the new generations of Spaniards would rather go for plastic, vinyl and Formica and get rid of old, moth-ridden furniture. In her visit to Spain she obviously did not visit any of the multiple antique stores in any major city. Had she seen the prices that some of those moth-ridden pieces of junk command, and in the unlikely event she understands the laws of offer and demand, maybe she would have refrained from making such a blanket statement. Anyway, this is a superficial book, certainly not worth the list price.

Buy Casa – Southern Spanish Style (Library of Interior Detail) (Spanish Edition) now for only !

Zen Style: Balance And Simplicity For Your Home

The Zen home is tranquil and light, natural and balanced; it is a minimalist space influenced by Eastern philosophy. This book draws together elements of Zen Buddhism and applies them to all areas of home decorating– including color, texture, lighting, flooring, and furniture– to reveal how you can create an elegant and serene interior landscape.

Beautifully illustrated with two-hundred photographs that show practical solutions to common problems and simple projects– such as an indoor water fountain, textured cushions, and a linen screen– Zen Style provides all you need to achieve a calm and peaceful living space.
At its most basic, Jane Tidbury’s Zen Style simply invites readers to notice their homes and their surroundings. And unlike many decorating books that focus on revitalizing your home by adding new objects or by making large-scale alterations, Zen Style is much more concerned with the details–color, light, the placement of small objects, and, perhaps most importantly, the introduction of sensory elements like scent and sound. As the book’s subtitle mentions, this type of style is about simplicity and balance. The opening chapter is dedicated to elements of this simplicity–showing the reader how to observe the space, light, and textures of their home. In the course of the introduction, the book also eases the reader out of any preconceptions of what is traditionally thought of as interior design. One of the most refreshing aspects of the book is that very few of its suggestions require either great expense or effort to effect significant change. By making small adjustments–adding a hint of color to a white wall with a single brushstroke, placing a small collection of wildflowers in an antique jar, or lining a mantelpiece with tea lights and leaves–even

  • ISBN13: 9780789303653
  • Condition: USED – VERY GOOD
  • Notes:

Rating: (out of 6 reviews)

List Price: $ 25.00
Price: $ 23.95

Zen Style: Balance And Simplicity For Your Home Reviews

Review by :

I was pleased to find a book on utilizing the Zen/Oriental influence for personal decorating ideas on a budget. Ms. Tidbury writes beautifully and her points are clear and easy to follow, and has directed her work for the lay person in applying the Zen principle. I look forward to seeing more books from her.

Review by :

This book displays a stunning grasp of the obvious. Beyond its plans for some not very interesting do-it-yourself projects, it offers little–trite advice like “Spending time alone with yourself is an important feature of reflection” accompanied by an unsatisfying collection of photos. Books like The Japanese House, Simply Zen, and Japanese Style do a much better job of presenting the Zen aesthetic.

Buy Zen Style: Balance And Simplicity For Your Home now for only $ 23.95!

Southern Accents on Color

In the South, both climate and landscape evoke colors of profound intensity–in hazy blue mountains, electric green meadows, and fiery orange sunsets. It’s no wonder that Southern interiors reflect the beauty of this natural outdoor palette. Now, in the newest Southern Accents book, anyone can learn to mix and match colors to create an indoor masterpiece. Highlighted with over 200 vibrant photographs, the book culls the best suggestions from interior designers whose work has been featured in the magazine, complete with swatches from their favorite rooms. Whether working with cool blues, warm yellows, or festive reds, carefully orchestrated colors can speak volumes about you, and SOUTHERN ACCENTS ON COLOR will serve as a source of inspiration and the means for looking at color with a new eye.

  • ISBN13: 9780821228111
  • Condition: USED – VERY GOOD
  • Notes:

Rating: (out of 10 reviews)

List Price: $ 45.00
Price: $ 14.99

Southern Accents on Color Reviews

Review by Dr. Onions:

As a design fanatic and owner of more than 500 decorating books, I can say with certainty that Southern Accents on Color is one of the most beautiful decorating/design books available. The photographs are exquisite and the color combinations fresh and exciting. If you are fan of minimalist design or ultra-modern interiors, you will not like this book. But, if you appreciate traditional or traditional plus modern (what I call contemporary traditional) interiors and gorgeous color, this book is for you. It makes me wish I lived in a gorgeous old house in the American south!

Review by :

This is the fourth in the series of books written by the editors of Southern Accents Magazine. It is a truly marvelous resource guide for design professionals as well as “civilians” looking for ideas. Organized by color, the book showcases some of the finest rooms in the country, decorated by the best decorators working today. The text is both authoritative and fun to read, and the pictures allow us into some of the finest rooms in this country. There is nothing staid nor stodgy about this book. It underscores the absolute correctness that this magazine has developed under it’s current Editorial team. While many rooms are tradtional in tone, there is a freshness and true sense of what contemporary decor is all about. While so many other magazines and books try to push “edgy” or “experimental” ideas, Southern Accents and it’s books perfectly reflect the way people live now. As an industry professional, I read every magazine and buy every book on decorating that I can get. This latest book from Sothern Accents is as good as anything on the market. It is filled with ideas that everyone can implement into their own houses. A truly wonderful book that has a feeling of what a joy can be found in brilliantly decorated houses. The photography is flawless. This should be a must read for anyone who cares about decorating. And everyone should. Once again, the Southern Accents team delivers great beauty that is fresh and fun.

Buy Southern Accents on Color now for only $ 14.99!

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