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New Cottage Home

The New Cottage Home taps into today’s move toward lifestyle simplicity and the idea that living space should be rich in details, conservative of resources, and no larger than necessary. Jim Tolpin celebrates the diversity and charm of 30 sample cottages, from a Pacific Northwest cottage modeled after a French hunting lodge to a “salvage yard vernacular cottage” built with junkyard materials. Each featured home reflects individual personality, priorities, and lifestyle. Whether by the water, on a mountain, or in a forest, field, or town, these homes emphasize quality of place over quantity of space.It takes only a drive through any typical American subdivision to confirm that in recent decades the average house has grown in size, narrowed in style, and shrunk in vision. Jim Tolpin’s The New Cottage Home represents a return to a previous school of thought about living space: that it should be no larger than is needed, conservative of resources, rich in detail– in short, that it should pay homage to honest architecture and fine craftsmanship, not to conspicuous consumption. The 30 cottage homes pictured, all recently built, have the slightly unfair advantage of almost magically beautiful locations, but each has a unique character and many cottage-style nooks and crannies: the converted island pump house with sod roof, the 600-square-foot woodland temple, the salvage-built house on the Kansas prairie, the off-the-grid shingled hilltop house built to take advantage of natural light. Tolpin does an excellent job of pulling together the elements of each that make it a cottage and make it appealing. In his own words, “These houses seem to call as much to the heart as to the head, enriching us more with the highs of nature than

  • ISBN13: 9781561583553
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 26 reviews)

List Price: $ 22.95
Price: $ 5.00

New Cottage Home Reviews

Review by :

Browsing through a big name book store one day, I happened upon “The New Cottage Home”. I’m not sure why I picked it up because having a home of our own is so far into the future for my husband and I, that I try not to tease myself and in turn not think about it. But I flipped through the book anyway and fell in love with it almost immediatly! We rushed home knowing that Amazon would be cheaper and ordered it that same day. I was amazed at all the tricky, unique architecture ideas and styles. It is filled with easy-to-understand language and descriptions. I also found it refreshing that Mr. Tolpin wrote like he was speaking to you as if in conversation and not at a college lecture. He covers many different home styles and addresses the importance of the use of indiginous materials to tie the look of your home to your surroundings. I like how he stresses trying to make your home look as if it “grew” where you built it and has been there forever. Along with little pieces of history used as teaching tools he also describes many of the homes attributes from an artistic point-of-view(ie. the use of vertical windows ties in with the tall pines surrounding the home, hiding the garage from frontal view of the home and focusing on the “human sized entry way” makes a person feel welcome and curious to step into the cozyness of your home etc…). I like how he included tight- budget homes reliant on alternative sources of energy all the way to the retiring couple who needed less space but were financially ready to spend half a billion but knew they didn’t need or have to. In conclusion, I would recommend this book for anyone interested in building, dreaming(!) or looking for decorating ideas that really work. A definate must-have!

Review by :

New Cottage Home took me to some of the homes I knew I was always meant to live in. There’s a wonderful section of the history of the cottage style, and what design details create that warm feeling when we see such a home. Modern cottages are meant to retain the structural and detail essentials of the older cottages but to allow more interior open space due to modern materials and construction methods. Most of the book is given over to examples, with the architects names and addresses listed (very useful!). Some of the examples did not stick to the “cottage essentials” in my mind, but the rest were so charming it made up for it. I hope more architects see this book and take up the challenge of designing the small, detail-oriented home that singles and empty nesters would be proud to live in. I’m already imagining my cottage garden.

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Cottage Witchery: Natural Magick for Hearth and Home

Ellen Dugan, the author of Garden Witchery, is the ideal guide to show us how to bring the beauty of nature and its magickal energies indoors. Using common household and outdoor items-such as herbs, spices, dried flowers, plants, stones, and candles-she offers a down-to-earth approach to creating an enchanted home.

From specialized spells and charms to kitchen conjuring and color magick, this hands-on guide teaches Witches of all levels how to strengthen a home’s aura and energy. Readers will learn how to use begonias and lilacs for protection, dispel bad vibes with salt and lemon, perform tea leaf readings, bless the home with fruit, invite the help of home faeries, perform houseplant magick, and create a loving home for the whole family.

Rating: (out of 40 reviews)

List Price: $ 17.95

Cottage Witchery: Natural Magick for Hearth and Home Reviews

Review by :

I am a young witch, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean my opinion doesn’t count. This book is AMAZING! I read my mom’s copy and I love the author’s sense of humor and breezy perspective on Wicca and spells. I love how she personalizes the book by including her own experiences! This book is a wonderful addition to any wiccan, beginner or not’s bookshelf. Ellen Dugan is a talented author/witch who inspires the reader in all sorts of ways! Buy this book right away!

Review by Wiccan*Wonder*Guy:

Mrs. Dugan reprises with another absolutely fantastic book dealing with the elements of natural witchcraft and its connections to the hearth and home. Practical and amazingly easy to read and retain information from, Mrs. Dugan takes the reader on a fantastic journey through the parts of your own home that seem to lack a magickal mystery, and insures her readers that the home is one, if not the best place to practice witchcraft. Jam packed with useful information, hearth magick seems less of an abstract idea and more of an accessible entity, completely surrounding you.

As to her style, Ellen connects with her readers and steers clear of the “bow-down-to-my-almighty-knowledge” attitude that some writers stick close to when writing a book on the subject of Wicca. With ease and expertise, Mrs. Dugan writes what’s in her own clever heart, but fully delivers the vast amounts of info one would deem necessary to have in order to practice this wonderful, natural craft, the Craft of the hearth and of the home. Does it really sound as if Mrs. Dugan is speaking to her readers in a tone one would use with a two year old? Personally, I don’t see a hint of that. After reading book after book after book, the titles, the authors and the information, for me, seem to bleed together and become indistinguishable in a muddled, wordy mess. Ellen Dugan stands out among the rest who have attempted to write on this difficult and vast subject and fully utilizes the humor and wit she is know for.

A FULL FIVE STARS to Mrs. Dugan and “Cottage Witchery”. I hope to see more from such a talented and informative author in the future.

Buy Cottage Witchery: Natural Magick for Hearth and Home now for only !

Canadian Homes & Cottages

Canadian Homes & Cottages is a home improvement and lifestyles magazine that contains tips and ideas for remodeling every room of the house, along with product information, do-it-yourself projects, trade news, and inspiration.

List Price: $ 39.60
Price: $ 62.55

The Cottage

Forced into hiding after their kidnapping plan goes awry, two rival siblings, David (Andy Serkis – The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Peter (Reece Shearsmith – Shaun of the Dead), find themselves fighting for their sanity while they hole up in a secluded country cottage. Weighed down by a hostage who refuses to stay quiet, or tied down, they are soon held captive by their own victim.

But everyone’s problems go from bad to worse when they come face-to-face with their psychotic axe-wielding neighbor – a demented farmer with a dark, nasty secret buried where you’d least expect.

Rating: (out of 27 reviews)

List Price: $ 14.94
Price: $ 7.39

The Cottage Reviews

Review by D. Wilson:

With titles like Shaun Of The Dead, Severence, Evil Aliens, and Botched being sparkling examples of the horror/comedy genre AND all coming to us from Great Britain, it should come as no real surprise that The Cottage fits in so well with the rest of those films. Enter polar-opposites(and brothers) David and Peter; stuck in the middle of nowhere and involved in a kidnapping gone awry that includes a captive that refuses to go quietly, a pair of Asian assasins, an obese partner in crime that can do little right(my favorite character too), bizarre townsfolk(with a guest spot by Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley!), and of course, when things seem like they can’t get any worse, a demented and deformed maniac! Now for the kind of dry humor and wit used here, you need a great cast, and Andy Serkis(The Prestige, King Kong) and Reece Shearsmith(Shaun Of The Dead, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) as the lead protagonists are fantastic… whether it’s bouncing quips off of eachother, or interacting with the rest of the ecclectic characters that they run into throughout the night. As far as deformed killers go, “the farmer” is a definite keeper! He’s the same basic mold as a hundred gruesome, semi-retarded, cruel and twisted(with canibalistic urges) madmen that horror fans have come to expect… but he looks and acts the part perfectly, and actually features the best looking(and by that I mean ugliest) clump of flesh for a head that I’ve seen in quite awhile! The direction is excellent and I really enjoyed the musical score(which sounds like it was cut for a Tim Burton film rather than this); in the end, I’d even go as far as to say this is my favorite of all the aforementioned films listed at the top of the review… bold statement I know, but give it a chance and see what you think(at the worst you’ll get a few laughs and a decent helping of grue). As a bonus, if you do dig the film as much as I do, the DVD features a ton of quality deleted scenes and outtakes(some so good that it makes you wonder why they were removed?) that are more than worth seeing. *VIEWERS ATTENTION* Make sure and wait until the credits finish rolling before turning the movie off… there’s a nice added surprise at the very end.

Review by Dayna Newman:

The Cottage is a movie you will either love or hate.. I Loved it..

I’m a die hard slasher fan and of course I love blood and gore,but this movie was so funny and entertaining it didn’t bother me that the killing didn’t start untill the last half of the movie I still loved it.

It builds great character development and the main characters two bumbling brothers”Steven and David” are hilarious in the fact that everything they do goes wrong because they are just born losers.

Their kidnap plot goes wrong in every possible way

except they do get the kipnapee “Tracey” to the holding spot..a cottage that is “let’s say in the wrong neighborhood”..

when Tracey escapes after delivering much physical abuse to the weaker and more meek of the brothers she runs to a nearby farm, that’s when that slasher element kicks in..

A terribly disfigured farmer is on the loose and he not in a good mood..although the comedy elements go on through the entire film, the gore is very well done and plentiful.

It’s hilarious to watch Tracey go up against the killer farmer with her tough as nails attitude.

I think this will become a classic.

I highly reccomend it.

Buy The Cottage now for only $ 7.39!

Better Homes and Gardens Cottage Bouquet 12 piece Bed in a Bag, KING

Expect to be refreshed and charmed by the lovely colors and floral patterns of this beautiful bedding. Complete with comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, bed skirt, shams, pillowcases and decorative pillows, this 12 piece bedding set will instantly transform any bedroom into your own secret garden.

  • 1 King comforter 102″x90″ * 1 King skirt 78″x81″+15″
  • 2 King shams 20″x36″+2″ * 1 King flat sheet 108″x102″
  • 1 King fitted sheet 78″x80″+14″ ,
  • 2 King Pillowcases 20″ x 40″ * 4 Decorative Pillows
  • Sheets 200 tc cotton/polyester * Machine Washable

Price: $ 69.99

Home Star Country Cottage Collection File Cabinet

Country Cottage Look

  • Cottage oak finish top
  • Antique White finish body
  • Made from solid wood
  • Multiple bolts to ensure strong legs
  • Delivered ready to assemble

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: $ 313.00
Price: $ 147.95

Home Star Country Cottage Collection File Cabinet Reviews

Review by wilco lover:

First: Even though it’s not stated, assembly is required.

Second: The assembly is made impossible by screws with poor, easily stripped holes, badly pre-assembled panels and feet that are uneven, resulting in a wobbly final product

Why is this allowed to be sold? This is clearly a product that no one bothered to check out before selling it.

For a job that took less time and resulted in far less painful memories, might I recommend a DVD of “Bridge over the River Kwai”

I need to clean up my scrapes and cuts now.

Review by M. Barquin:

I bought this filing cabinet because I have the matching chair. It’s a beautiful piece, but difficult to build and very unstable.

Buy Home Star Country Cottage Collection File Cabinet now for only $ 147.95!

Liberty Hardware PBF657C-254-C 35-mm Seaside Cottage Starfish Knob, Vintage Antique White

35mm, Vintage Antique White, Starfish Knob.

  • A great way to change a room’s look
  • Whimsical design
  • Made of high quality zinc die cast material
  • (1) 8-32 by 1-Inch machine screw included

List Price: $ 5.89
Price: $ 5.79

Home Bazaar Honeymoon Cottage Birdhouse With Bracket

The perfect retreat for the newlyweds. Fully functional birdhouse has a single cavity and will attract wrens, finches, chickadees and titmice. Constructed of kiln-dried hardwood, exterior grade plyboard and non-toxic exterior paint. The roof is western red cedar which will patina to a silvery grey. Removable back wall for easy maintenance. Bracket and hardware for mounting is included.

  • Functional birdhouse for outdoor use
  • Fully assembled
  • Wood construction, unpainted interior, ventilation and drainage
  • Correct hole size for common nesting birds.
  • Minimal assembly/ Phillips head screwdriver

List Price: $ 110.00
Price: $ 88.20

English Sculptural British Cottage Home garden

Re-create the British countryside in your home or garden!

Inspired by a village in England, the artist replicated incredible detail into this exclusive. Our substantial, quality designer resin replicas with thatched roofs, arched doors, and multi-hued brickwork even feature foiled interiors for illumination should you choose to add your own lighting.

  • multi-hued brickwork
  • Inspired by a village in England
  • quality designer resin
  • 10″Wx8½”Dx13″H.

Price: $ 90.00

Jigsaws Galore Buildings and Interiors Puzzle Game for Windows PC: Castles, Contemporary Homes, Cottages, Chalets, Condos, Country Mansions, Kitchens, Houses, Interior Scenes, Architecture

These jigsaws contain a selection of modern and ancient buildings from around the world. In these sets you’ll find castles, contemporary homes, cottages, chalets, condos, country mansions, conservatories and corporate buildings, in fact any construction that makes for an interesting jigsaw. Also included are some delightful interior shots of kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms for added interest. For anyone with an interest in architecture this is sure to please.

  • Work jigsaw puzzles on your Windows PC! Software features the latest jigsaw puzzle game engine from the creator of Puzzle Master. This version is Vista compatible and features many improvements to the original game engine.
  • Jigsaws Galore is very easy to use and suitable for all ages. It’s easy to customize the jigsaws or play them as they are.
  • Fun pieces. Some cute new shapes have been added to the jigsaw pieces. The 22 new shapes include a teddy bear, bunny, tractor, train, kitten, caboose, T-shirt, fish, football helmet, bird, toy duck, butterfly, pig, daisy, dogwood flower, flying bat, terrier, gingerbread boy, poinsettia, turtle, farmer and a head. There is also a selection of realistic jigsaw piece effects in wood, paper or cardboard and a choice of thickness.
  • Undo mistakes. An undo/redo command has been added to the Tools menu. Some users have been known to accidentally arrange or disarrange pieces by mistake so now you can just click the Undo command in the Tools menu to recover any blunders, ranging from a single piece, to whole groups of pieces, right up to accidentally auto-solving the entire jigsaw. Mystery Mode. A Mystery Mode option has been added to the options menu together with a little button to the right of the tabs in the jigsaw preview screen. Press this button to enter Mystery Mode. Now the preview images of the jigsaws can be hidden from view in this screen.
  • Cheat features. Auto-solve and other cheat features are available if you need help solving the puzzles. Beat the clock. For an extra challenge, try solving a jigsaw by beating the clock. Screensaver. The screensaver now randomly adds new fun pieces to the jigsaws it shows.

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 29.95
Price: $ 19.95

Jigsaws Galore Buildings and Interiors Puzzle Game for Windows PC: Castles, Contemporary Homes, Cottages, Chalets, Condos, Country Mansions, Kitchens, Houses, Interior Scenes, Architecture Reviews

Buy Jigsaws Galore Buildings and Interiors Puzzle Game for Windows PC: Castles, Contemporary Homes, Cottages, Chalets, Condos, Country Mansions, Kitchens, Houses, Interior Scenes, Architecture now for only $ 19.95!

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