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English Cottage Gardening: For American Gardeners, Revised Edition

Thanks to the extraordinary photographs and gardening wisdom in this classic book, the elegant intimacy of the English cottage garden is a practical possibility for amateur gardeners in diverse regions of the United States. The author has analyzed the aesthetic and horticultural elements in ten representative cottage gardens–eight in England and two in the United States. Her spectacular photographs render the look and atmosphere of these gardens, while her text focuses on easily grown, readily available plants that are adaptable to a wide variety of climatic and soil conditions. In the back of the book–completely updated for this new edition–may be found specific horticultural information on a wide variety of cottage garden plants commonly available in the United States, glossaries of Latin and common names, and a list of sources for old rose varieties. The gardens in this beautiful book are not those of the great estates of England, manicured by staffs of professional gardeners. They are, instead, labors of love on the part of individual homeowners, many of whom started with bleak, rubble-strewn lots and went on to create the enchanted settings pictured here.

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English Cottage Gardening: For American Gardeners, Revised Edition Reviews

Review by Kelley Wilkinson:

This book was constantly in my possession during the winter before I created my first cottage garden. It is filled with helpful material, plant lists and horticultural notes, and seems to be as useful to the beginner as to the professional. She showcases ten different gardens, and gives some history on how and why they came to be. The beautiful photographs alone caught my attention for a long time. The only disappointment to me was that eight out of the ten gardens were English; I was hoping to see more American gardens. However, one of the featured American gardens is Tasha Tudor’s garden (my absolute favorite), definitely worth drooling over. I think one of the nicest aspects of this book is that it removes the intimidation factor and proves you can have a fabulous garden without all the planning and precision of many gardens.. Definitely a must for cottage garden enthusiasts!

Review by :

This is one of my very favorite garden books. Pictures are beautiful, and the book is informative…giving plant names and even showing layout drawings of how the plants were placed. The gardens were not designed by professionals but were created thru trial and error, the way most people do their own. Shows how pretty a garden can be without perfection. Even shows many tiny doorway gardens that should not be intimidating for busy American gardeners. I would highly recommend this book.

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Cottage Garden (DK Living)

Christopher Lloyd’s evocative presentation of the development of the cottage garden, from humble vegetable patch to lush flower garden.Cottage gardens are popular in North America for their abundant informality, but British gardener Christopher Lloyd reminds us that a working cottage garden isn’t all hollyhocks and lamb’s ears. In its Old World origins, it served many purposes: as vegetable patch, cutting garden, and a place to sit in the cool of the evening. “It has evolved through common sense, combines need with enjoyment and is entirely unpretentious.” The Cottage Garden, by Lloyd and photographer Richard Bird, is an homage to this centuries-old style that allows a multitude of plants to flourish in a small space, with a minimum, if crucial, amount of control exerted by the gardener. Lloyd’s introduction is a brisk examination of the cottage garden tradition, after which he describes a large number of cottage garden plants. Happily for North American gardeners, these include plants that are commonly found outside of Great Britain as well as those that have been in the English cottage garden for centuries. A chapter on cottage garden features addresses hedges, waterways and ponds, garden furnishings, and outbuildings. The book’s final two chapters are “Planning the Cottage Garden,” with several different layouts emphasizing different types of plants, and “The Working Cottage Garden,” which offers details for tending the garden through the seasons and using its produce. Some of these seem rather deliberately quaint, such as the recipes for parsnip wine, mead, and pickled eggs. But overall, Richard Bird’s serenely intimate photography and Lloyd’s affable, opinionated erudition make The Cottage Garden a book to linger over. It’s a pleasant addition to

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Cottage Garden (DK Living) Reviews

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Creating a Cottage Garden in North America

For gardeners who love the riot of shapes, colors, and textures to be found in the cottage garden, Stephen Westcott-Gratton’s Creating a Cottage Garden in North America offers a rich mix of history, practical advice for starting one, design tips, and plant profiles–especially of those native to our continent. Although this cozy style of garden originated in England among peasants who need pretty practicality–it fed livestock and it also satisfied the need for the beauty of flowers–it has much to offer the modern American gardener. Traditional English cottage gardens had about the same amount of garden space as do modern homes in many urban centers. Applying the wisdom of a garden style in which plants–whether flowers, herbs, fruits, or vegetables– are packed densely together makes perfect sense for the gardener with only a postage- stamp yard.

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Creating a Cottage Garden in North America Reviews

Review by :

For those of us who like the cottage garden look and live in North America, this is a valuable book. Written in a style laced with humor, it debunks myths and inspires an adventurous approach. It is full of detailed information about how to create the cottage garden look and includes a well organized glossary of specific plants which lend themselves to an easy approach to this style. It also includes a palatable dollop of horticultural history, well written and not overwhelming for those more interested in today! Good enough that I decided I must own it!

Review by V.J. Billings:

Stephen Westcott-Gratton has written a ‘hit the nail on the head’ how to book on putting in a Cottage Garden. It is obvious he is both gardener and writer because his advice is methodical and his suggestions very workable. He dispels the myth that English Cottage Gardens need to be contrived, reinforces the necessity for tight plantings and encourages the experimentation of different plants which provide the fun and color for this kind of garden.This book covers the history of the Cottage Garden and some of the plants traditionally used. It is both an enjoyable read and an informative tome for taking your small spot and turning it into a riot of color and a haven for life of all kinds. The plant selections are typical of someone who gardens in Canada, but that does not diminish the how to information the book provides.Plus, Mr. Westcott-Gratton definitely leans to the organic and that is dear to our hearts.

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Cottage Gardens

They may look abundantly wild and romantic, but it takes the right combination of colors, texture, placement, and accessories to create that ‘just happened’ look. Sunset’s new Cottage Gardens visits the English origins of this increasingly popular style, and offers practical advice for getting started, specifics on regional variations, design tips, basic plant profiles, plus recommendations on structural details. All of which add up to the wonderfully casual style that characterizes Cottage Gardens.

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Cottage Gardens Reviews

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Country Living Cottage Gardens

There’s no garden more evocative than a cottage garden, and no experts more knowledgeable about how to devise the perfect design than leading horticulture authority Toby Musgrave and the editors at Country Living. Musgrave reveals, with the help of outstanding images by award-winning photographer Jerry Harpur, that cottage gardening actually encompasses a wide range of approaches. Almost any gardener will find the answer to his or her dreams, whether it’s a sweetly scented romantic garden, complete with a gentle fountain and secluded bower, or one that’s formal with tightly clipped yews and precise plantings. Eight designs focus on particular themes and climates, and all include a detailed plan and plant list, making it easy to re-create or adapt Toby Musgrave’s beautiful arrangements..

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Country Living Cottage Gardens Reviews

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How to Create A Secret Cottage Garden in Your Own Backyard

Is your backyard in need of a makeover? Do you wish you had a special place right in your own backyard that you could go to and enjoy a nice book? Look no further! These creative and easy to follow tips will help you to easily transform your small and narrow backyard into a secret cottage garden space.

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44” Wide Country Garden Cottage Toile Green Fabric By The Yard

Country Garden designed by Fabric Freedom for Benartex. Colors include shades of celery green.

  • Content: 100% cotton Width: 44
  • Unit of Sale: Yard

Price: $ 7.98

Cottage Gardens

Hardcover Version of ISBN 1567997848 . See descriptions there.

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Cottage Gardens Reviews

Review by :

Are you looking for the perfect look in an empty space or corner of your yard? Why not add a cottage touch! Terri Dunn does a wonderful job showing various cottage gardens and how to create them. What I learned most is that you don’t have to have a large space to create a welcoming cottage look. I live in Upstate New York and her chapter “A Cottage Garden For All Seasons” is perfect for me; I never knew a flower garden can look so beautiful in Winter! The photographs are colorful and very detailed. A great buy for a beginning cottage gardener or a veteran!

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